From Treasure Island to Luxury Hideaway

    Bonzour, as they say here. You have arrived 4° south of the equator in the Seychelles. In the 300 years since its discovery, this archipelago of 115 paradise islands has seen all sorts of visitors settle here. In the 17th century, pirates were among the first inhabitants, using islands like Fregate as a base for attacks against Britain's East India Company.


    Declared a French colony in the 18th century, the islands changed hands several times between the French and British before gaining independence in 1976. Throughout its history, the Seychelles has become home to people from all continents and is today famous for their blend of cultural backgrounds. And for the warm welcome extended to guests from around the world.


    Fregate Island is a unique destination where one can experience the best the Seychelles has to offer. The name recalls legends and tales of treasure chests buried under the sands, as immortalized in Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island". And with over ten kilometers of roads and walking trails, you can comfortably explore the island - both with your own electric buggy and by foot.